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60/80hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training December 2-4 & 10-11 2022

$1,299.00 inc GST

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SYDNEY December 2-4 & 10-11 2022

 Join Truth Robinson, a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, on a bliss-filled 5-day journey into the energy channels of the body. Over the 60/80 hours, we will delve into applied anatomy and physiology, Taoist inspired meditationChinese Medicine, many hours of delicious Yin Yoga practices and ultimately, a deep state of bliss.


This program is open to dedicated yoga students who want to explore Yin Yoga more or for Yoga teachers wanting to add Yin yoga in their teaching syllabus. This training will explore the merging of Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine into the blissful practice of Yin Yoga. Over this five-day Yin Yoga teacher training or immersion, you will slow down and break free of your normal routine to sit in a new way of beingness. The popularity of Yin Yoga has been on the rise, signalling a yearning for people to dive deep within their inner landscape. This training will unfold the fundamentals of the practice of Yin Yoga and combine it with the secrets of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This merging will enable a potency to your practice and teaching skills that will enhance the lives of you and your students to ultimately blossom into a more holistic experience of being. You will be vibrating on a whole new plane afterwards!

In this 60/80 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training we will cover:

  • 5 Element Qi Gong
  • History of Yin Yoga
  • How to practice Yin Yoga
  • What is Fascia and the role it plays in your Yin Yoga Poses
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Taoism & Chinese Medicine Theory
  • 5 Element theory & class plans
  • Meditations based on the Tao Te Ching
  • How to sequence Yin Yoga
  • How to teach Yin Yoga Practice Teaching
  • Working through the most common Yin Yoga asanas
  • Wall Yin

The extra 20hr Online Anatomy component will look at:

  • Basic Landmarks & Planes of Motion
  • Intro to Functional Anatomy & Human Movement System
  • Joints & Joint Actions
  •  Spinal, Hip, Leg, Ankle, Arm, Chest, Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Muscles and actions
  • Functional Anatomy by Joint Action
  • Intro to Human Movement Assessment and Analysis

  • Yoga Mat
  • Pen
  • Journal
  • Loose fitting comfy clothing
  • Strap
  • Block
  • Bolster
  • Perhaps you might want a blanket too.

Manly NSW at:

Seaforth Scout Hall

8am to 6pm 

Note: December 3rd  - 7:30am to 6pm

$1099 - Early Bird Price before 1st of November 2022

$1299 - Price from 1st of November 2022

Yes! It is accredited as 60hrs, or if the additional online component is completed PRIOR to the in person training it is 80 hrs, of Yoga Alliance continuing education.

No... this training is open to anyone!

It is a teacher training though but if you would prefer not to do the practice teacher then you're welcome to skip it.

But all parts of the training must be completed to receive the certificate of completion.

Please get in contact with Truth to learn more via the contact page.


“Truth Robinson’s Yin Immersion provides a thorough understanding of the Yin style, rooted in researched and proven Chinese medicine, Western medicine, physiology and Yoga philosophy and tradition. I completed the training with complete class plans and an understanding of how to effectively integrate philosophy into my classes in a meaningful way. I am excited to share my new knowledge with my students and am confident to take the next step on my personal yoga teaching path. Thank you Truth … for another incredible experience.” – Jennifer Roberts

“Truth was very knowledgeable. The delivered the information with warmth and was very easy to listen to. I loved the way he wove the Tao into the course. I notice it flowing out of me as I teach. I’m so happy I chose this training. I got so much out of it.” – Sarah Breakspear “Great course content as a foundational training into the practice of Yin Yoga. Teaching environment was relaxed yet with a clear structure. All elements were addressed and there was enough information and practical experience to feel confident about teaching a simple beginner’s Yin class. Not too overwhelming in information, but a very full and varied course from beginning to end.” – Tracy Hopley

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